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8 Best brain foods
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What are the best foods for your brain
A number of nutrients are essential at all stages of life to ensure healthy growth and development of your brain. Your diet can also impact the way your brain will age and your dietary ability to reduce the effects of aging while lowering the risk of certain diseases such as Alzheimer.
List of the ideal foods for brain energy health and defence
Salmon and Sardine: Fatty fish oils
Omega 3 and omega 6 contained in fat fish such as salmon and sardines are essential  brain foods that protect and develop  your brain cells and stimulate the creation of synaptic links in early the early stages of brain growth. Studies have shown that children that were breast fed had a marginally higher IQ than children that were brought up on baby milk. The main reason for this is the higher concentration and better balance of fatty acids contained in human breast milk. In today’s modern diet fatty fish oils are the corner stone of brain foods and amongst the best brain foods you should regularly take.
Fitting the free radicals: Tomatoes
Evidence shows that lycopene, contained in tomatoes is an excellent antioxidant. Combating free radicals is essential in protecting your brain from aging. Tomatoes are a fantastic brain foods as there high
content of lycopene make them an ideal source of unique of antioxidants.
B vitamin complex: Go for wholegrain
Vitamins B6 B12 and folic acid are essential in protecting your memory. Wholegrain foods, such as whole grain breads and wheat germ are part of the best brain foods. All the more, removing refined floor from your diet has many other health benefits than just being excellent for your brain.
Blueberry brain food
Blueberries are on a come back at the source of many new health drinks. Well it also turns out that Blueberries are fantastic brain food. Hi in vitamins and minerals they also carry within their skin unique antioxidants in large amounts. Protecting your brain from short term memory loss with blueberries? Sweet…
Get your Zinc on: Pumpkin seeds
Zinc is essential in protecting your mind and brain from those awful aging symptoms of …huh… forgetfulness. So in our list of the best brain foods please welcome Pumpkin seeds as a great way of getting your daily dose of Zinc. Keep’em in your pocket and snack on them through out the day, a handful will suffice.
Better than oranges for the brain: Blackcurrants
Vitamin C is great for mental alertness and staying sharp. Vitamin C in the most famous of antioxidants and essential for protecting your brain from the physical effects of aging. Please welcome the blackcurrant as a fantastic source of vitamin C and one of the best brain foods around.
Brain power foods - Gimmy' broccoli
Next time you hear your kids complain about broccoli being on the menu, tell them : it will make you smarter. Foods such as broccoli are high in vitamin K witch development the brains cognitive function. The high content of vitamin K puts broccoli on our list of the best brain foods in your diet.
Lay it for me - Eggs
Taken in moderation eggs are fantastic for your health. As long as you don’t fry them and accompany them with bacon and hash browns. Eggs are an essential source of vitamin E supremely important for brain power. Have a hardboiled egg, no salt once or twice a week for that little extra vitamin E intake. Great and convenient brain food.
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