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How to reduce High cholesterol levels and links to health risks

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Importance of lowering your High cholesterol levels

Lowering high cholesterol has become really important, these days. The reason is that high cholesterol is extremely harmful for the body. Cholesterol is actually a lipid and sterol that exist in the cell membranes of all body tissues. The cholesterol is usually transported in the blood plasma of the body.
Originally, cholesterol is synthesized within the body. It is present in spinal cord, liver and brain. Cholesterol is mainly responsible for cardiovascular disease and this is the reason most doctors ask their patients to lower the amount of cholesterol in their body.

Interpreting your cholesterol numbers and their health impact:

Usually, when a patient gets his or her cholesterol level tested, he or she receives two sets of numbers; LDL and HDL. LDL refers to the low density lipoprotein and HDL indicates high density lipoprotein. Both LDL and HDL carry fats in the blood. However, both have different aim and carry fat to different parts of body.

 Low density lipoprotein delivers triglycerides and cholesterol from the liver to the body via arteries. In case, the blood contains excess LDL and triglycerides in the blood, it tends to make the, arteries vulnerable to plaque formation.

The presence of low density lipoprotein in blood would increase the risk of heart attack and higher level of HDL cholesterol may result in lower risk for the same. As per the medical experts, the total amount of cholesterol presence in the blood must be lesser than two hundred milligrams of blood. HDL cholesterol must be around thirty five milligrams or higher and LDL cholesterol must be lesser than one hundred and thirty milligrams in the blood. In case, your cholesterol levels are more than that is mentioned above, you must seek a treatment that would include therapies to lower your cholesterol. However, you require adopting heart-healthy life habits with drugs that you would be taking to lower your cholesterol levels.

What are the major High cholesterol symptoms
Lowering high cholesterol is extremely important as high cholesterol levels in your blood would result in many hazardous diseases. Hence, as soon as you find a high cholesterol symptom in your body, you must consider looking out for a treatment.

Here are some of the common symptoms for high cholesterol levels in your body.
Facts on high cholesterol symptoms
You would be surprised to know that the symptoms for high cholesterol are rare and can be only diagnosed via a blood test. Usually, the symptoms of high cholesterol, in the body are visible only towards the last stage of high cholesterol. Symptoms such as coronary disease, peripheral vascular disease and stroke are the most common symptoms of high cholesterol.
High cholesterol results in coronary heart disease known as Angina or chest pain. Here, a person usually feels a great pressure on his or her chest and even feel as if some heavy weight has been pushed  upon the chest.

Usually these symptoms spread to the arm zone of the body, neck and jaw. One may also face the following discomfort.
 Heart palpitations
 Difficulty in speaking
 Sudden vision impairment
 Loss of balance
 Difficulty in understanding
 Weakness of face
 Numbness of arm or leg
In case of peripheral vascular disease, one can experience tingling or numbness in the body. One can also feel a cold sensation in the lower extremities. Usually, there are open sores or ulcers on the lower
extremities and these sores and ulcers are difficult to heal. After knowing about the above-mentioned symptoms about high cholesterol, it is very natural for most readers to think of lowering high cholesterol. Now, let us know more about the adverse effects, high cholesterol has on the body.
Health effects of high cholesterol and possible consequences

As per the statistics and research conducted on health, it is proved that around twenty percent of people in America suffer from high cholesterol. Now, this is a cause of concern because high cholesterol has a tendency to increase the risk of heart disease. Hence, lowering cholesterol is extremely important. High cholesterol must be reduced to normal levels. This would help in maintaining the overall health of the body mechanism.
High cholesterol can affect your body, badly. It can make you suffer from heart disease and also make your body, vulnerable to stroke and other serious diseases. This is not all, it would also disturb your overall performance, in the daily activities of life. You would feel that you are drained out of all the energy you originally possessed.
Dizziness, fatigue and restlessness in conjunction with heaviness in heart would be a part of you. In short, your body would suffer badly with the presence of high cholesterol level.
Once you have recognized that you are suffering from high cholesterol, it is time to think about lowering high cholesterol.

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How to Reduce and lower your cholesterol levels
Tips on how to lower your cholesterol levels:

High cholesterol in your body can harm arteries, body organs, tissues and even disturb the normal blood circulation activity. It clogs the arteries and increases the risk of heart disease.

The best way to lower high cholesterol is to maintain a healthy diet. A heart-healthy diet can work towards reducing the amount of low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in your body. Consider following a diet that is rich in complex, natural fibers, unsaturated fat and carbohydrates. This would definitely work towards normalizing your cholesterol levels.

Try staying away from foods rich in animal products or saturated fat and make sure that you increase the intake of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Usually, fresh fruits are rich in fibers, minerals and vitamins. Fresh fruits work towards decongesting the arteries filled with cholesterol deposits.

The most important thing is to make extra efforts towards losing those extra pounds that have accumulated on your body, over the years.

Obesity can result in heart attack. Usually, cholesterol levels must be less than 200 and anything more than 20 is a warning sign. Exercise, low fat foods, natural remedies available in grocery stores and health food stores would help you lowering high cholesterol.

There are also medical treatments available for lowering high cholesterol. However, following a healthy lifestyle is also extremely important to reduce cholesterol level in your body.

First of all, you need to test your cholesterol level with a physician via a blood test. The blood test would offer you the perfect idea of the amount of cholesterol level in your body. Once you have tested your cholesterol level, and it comes out more that 200, you need to do something about it, soon. Follow a low cholesterol diet, exercise and visit doctor regularly.

Cholesterol lowering foods:
Here is a list of cholesterol lowering foods that you must include in to your diet, in order to lower your cholesterol and keep yourself miles away from several diseases.
 Fat free dairy products
 Fresh fruits
 Whole grain foods
 Lean meats
 Skinless poultry
 Soft margarines
 Dried peas
 Dried beans
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Preparing and cooking guidelines for low cholesterol foods
Preparing food in a certain manner can also affect your cholesterol level. The traditional method of preparing food by deep frying, butter roasting and adding good amount of butter and cheese as dressing would work towards increasing your cholesterol.

Hence, you must consider healthy way of cooking, in case, you are seriously interested in lowering high cholesterol, in your body.
Here are certain methods you need to adopt, in order to lower your cholesterol.
 Baking the food would work towards lowering your blood cholesterol to a great extent.
 Broil your food including lean meat and low fat animal products.
 Microwave your food and you can easily stay away from high cholesterol amount in your body.
 Roast meats and high cholesterol would stay miles away from you. Make sure that you place meats on a rack, in order to make the fat drip away.
 Grilling your food would also help you lower your body cholesterol level.
 Poach your food items to prepare low cholesterol food.
 Try stir-frying or sautéing your food in cooking spray, as far as possible, with small amounts of vegetable oil or reduced sodium chicken broth.
Indulging in meat, poultry, nuts, fish, eggs and dry beans:
In case, you cannot resist meat, poultry, nuts, dry beans and other animal products, try choosing the leanest meats, poultry, fish and shellfish, available in your grocery store. Take special care when choosing chicken and turkey. Choose chicken and turkey. Without skin or remove the skin prior to eating. Remember that some fish such as cod have less amount of saturated fat than either chicken or meat. Some of the leanest meat, fish, chicken and shellfish have saturated fat and cholesterol. Hence, it would be wise to restrict the intake to 6 ounces or less each day.

Limit the amount of goose and duck as they contain higher amount of saturated fat. The amount of saturated fat exists even if your consider removing the skin.

The best choice would be fresh ground turkey or chicken made from white meat such as the breast. If you prefer hot dogs, try out “lean” beef hot dogs and vegetarian franks. These are low in saturated fat. Purchase chicken and turkey pieces with the skin removed or purchase pieces with skin and remove the skin prior to eating.
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Foods that are bad for cholesterol
Avoiding foods containing high cholesterol is the best way to lower cholesterol in body. Here is a list of high cholesterol foods that you must avoid.
 Egg yolks
 Dairy products
 Saturated fat
 Saturated oil
Try indulging in Bagels, bread sticks, cereals without added sugar, frozen grapes, banana slices, dried fruit, fat free crackers, soda crackers, air popped popcorns and raw vegetables.

High cholesterol levels in your body would result in several serious diseases in the body, including the most hazardous, heart disease. Lowering high cholesterol must be your sole aim, in case, your detect high cholesterol in your body, via a blood test. Consuming cholesterol lowering drugs would help you to a great extent. However, medical experts feel that these drugs would only help if you consider following a healthy-heart diet routine.

With the help of dietary products mentioned in this article for lowering high cholesterol you can easily maintain a healthy-heart dietary routine.

High cholesterol would result in to many diseases in your body and even make you appear weak. Exercise regularly, visit your doctor, eat a healthy diet and you can easily get rid of high cholesterol in your body.
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