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Which is better? Supplements, Liquid supplements and Multivitamins

What should be in a Multi vitamin?          Liquid vitamins          Tips for selecting multivitamins
Multivitamin composition
Do I need to take multivitamins & supplements?
There is no better source of vitamins and minerals than a well balanced diet. In principal your daily nutrition should bring in all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs. Supplements will not compensate for fatty fried foods, high intake of carbohydrates and imbalanced nutrition. It can on the other hand, compliment your nutrition, reinforce your immune system and top off the missing nutrients in your diet.Not all multivitamins are created equal and your requirements will differ on age, sex and if or plan to be pregnant. It is critical that you get your 5 a day as well as focus on vegetable and fruit diversity via the colour food groups. Focus on dark green leafy group of vegetables as many people are short of vitamins D and B-12. As well, complete multi vitamins will never provide 100% of your recommended daily intake, so you need an appropriate balance and your doctor is best to give you the advice on which multivitamin to take, but following are some suggestions & advice.
What should be in the multivitamins?

It is important to familiarise what vitamins do and how they contribute to your health. As well, vitamin and antioxidant requirement evolve throughout your life cycle. This basic information is important when making a selection.

The next step is finding multivitamins which offer 100% of the daily required allowance in the the 8 to 10 main vitamins. Generally vitamin K will be lower  and this must be compensated in your daily meals. For seniors, the requirements are 400% for greater for Vitamin K. It is also important to be careful if you are taking blood thinners, if you have a pace maker, following a stroke, etc, since vitamin K can  have an adverse effect when taken with them. See your doctor for advice.

Should include minerals?
It is important to familiarise with what vitamins do and how they effect your health, nutrition and how the protect your body. As part of a balanced diet, minerals are essential. But your really do not need a lot, and some in larger doses are not healthy. Just make sure you get a small amount of zinc and magnesium,  iron should mostly be had from the diet, exceptions are for women in their menstruating cycles. But iron can be unhealthy so you should consult a doctor for advice on iron intake.
Never over medicate with vitamins & minerals?
With chemicals as complicated as iron or vitamin E it is always hard to get the right dose in a pill. Do not push multi vitamin doses beyond the recommended amount for each complete multi vitamin pill or supplement, ever. Check with your physician before taking more than one daily complete  multi vitamin
Liquid multivitamins
What are the benefits of liquid vitamins claim?
Is this the the fad? Liquid vitamins have only one thing different then with the solid pill cousins... its that they are liquid. The commercial claim of the benefits of liquid vitamins is that they are better absorbed by the body. The claims are misleading in the sense that you need a better understanding of the mechanics of how vitamins are absorbed.
Good VS. Bad quality vitamins?

Solid vitamins have varying degrees of quality. Other than the active components, the vitamins in the pill, the other components are used for the delivery of vitamins to the right place in your digestive system. These products are called excipients. Poor quality multivitamins use poor quality excipients. These generic brands, supermarket vitamins, probably deliver a smaller % of vitamins to the blood stream as they get dissolved by gastric acids.

On the other hand, good quality multivitamins use high quality excipients and thus deliver the vitamins where it counts, to the blood stream by carefully managing the delivery in the intestinal way.

Good Vitamin pills VS liquid? Is liquid better?
Sadly, liquid vitamins are no better than generic brand vitamins. The reason is that they are absorbed without an excipients and goes directly to the stomach where most of the nutrients and your vitamins are broken down, dissolved. Good quality solid vitamin pills are made with a build in delivery mechanism, liquid vitamins do not or are less effective.
Selecting a brand
The importance of selecting the right supplement pills or vitamins pills

Ingredients for the nutrition supplements should be from organic sources whenever possible.
Nutrients should be tested for toxic substances and any kind of contamination.
No artificial ingredients should be used in manufacturing

Look for hypoallergenic products if you have sensitivity problems. Avoid wheat, yeast and corn in your pills or supplements.
Look for an expiration date on the bottle and make sure the pills and supplements are fresh. If there is no expiration date on the label than it is recommended to change products or brand al together.
Multivitamin supplements are not regulated, so the dosage claimed on the label might be different than what is really in the bottle. Contact the lab that makes the vitamin supplements and ask them how they test their products. You may also check with the store  and ask your pharmacist for advice to see if they are sure of the supplements' quality.

If you have questions about a certain complete multi vitamin brand, don't be afraid to look up their contact information, call the company and ask about the five points above. Reputable supplement labs will have answers and documentation available for all your questions. You can check their health website for diet and vitamin intake questions. Keep in mind that some of the highest quality supplements and complete multi vitamins are only available through health care providers. and that is a very good thing.

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