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Getting your "5 a day" daily fruits and Vegetables nutrition

What is your 5 a day daily requirements?

Diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. 5 a day Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, fibre and nutrients that are important for good health. Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories. Eating 5 a day or more servings of fruits and vegetables  is part of an important plan for healthier living. By adding variety you get the total scope of required vitamins and minerals rather than a single type of phytochemicals and antioxidants your body needs to ward of aging and cell damage

Colour FOOD GROUP guide to 5 a day
Red fruits and vegetables in your 5 a day  promote heart health, will protect agianst  urinary tract infections, improve your memory. With specific phytochemicals to the  red group of fruits and vegetables called lycopene and anthocyanins  have unique antiaging and cancer protecting functions:
 Red apples - Cherries - Cranberries - Red grapes - Red pears - Raspberries
Strawberries - Pomegranates - Watermelon - Beets - Pink/Red grapefruit
Red skinned potatoes - Red peppers - Radicchio - Tomatoes - Blood oranges
Red Radishes - Fresh Rhubarb - Red leaf salad - Red onions The Green group of fruits and vegetables will lowe

The Green group of fruits and vegetables will lower risk of some cancers, in your 5 a day.  Other benefits of the Green vegetable group includes vitamins for  healthy eye sight and stronger bones. They also improve digestion along with the better absorption of nutrients into the blood steam. The green group is rich in phytochemicals called lutein and indoles who possess antioxidant properties:

 Green apples - Chinese cabbage - Green grapes - Broccoli - Honeydew melons
 Kiwifruit - Green beans - Green Limes - Arugula - Green pears - Artichokes
 Asparagus - Celery - Broccoli rabe - Brussels sprouts - Green cabbage, etc
Yellow/orange group of fruits and vegetables in your 5 a day  are very rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C  found in large quantities in red peppers for example are key antioxidants that ward off the visible signs of aging. The Yellow orange group is also responsible for a strong immune system and protection your vision as well as lowering the risks of certain cancers. Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables also contain the phytochemicals  carotenoids and bioflavonoids:
 Yellow figs - Cantaloupe - apples - Tangerines - Cape Gooseberries - Grapefruit
 Golden kiwifruit - Nectarines - Lemon - Mangoes - Oranges - Papayas - Peaches
 Pumpkin - Pears - Pineapples - Apricots - Yellow peppers - Yellow beets - Carrots
 Butternut squash - Yellow watermelon - Persimmons - Yellow skinned potatoes
Purple / blue vegs and fruits in your 5 a day bring health-promoting phytochemicals like phenolics   and anthocyanins  to your diet. thanks to these nutrients you have a lowered risk of cancer improved urinary tract protection. As well as serving the memory the purple groups is equally rich with its own antioxidants for healthy younger looking skin:
 Purple figs - Purple cabbage - Purple Bel - Purple asparagus -  Elderberries
 Dried plums - Quetch Plums - Purple grapes - Raisins - Purple carrots - Eggplant
The White group  of fruits and vegetables in your 5 a day is particularly important for the effects it has on lowering your cholesterol levels and bringing exceedingly good heart health with its unique mix of vitamins and minerals:
 Parsnips - Brown pears - allicin, found in the onion family - Jicama
 Bananas White peaches - Mushrooms - Garlic - Ginger
 Cauliflower - Jerusalem artichoke - White nectarines - Kohlrabi - Dates  - Onions
Tips on getting family and kids 5 a day
Stock kitchen
It sounds obvious, but having the right foods on hand makes you more likely to eat them. Choose from fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned fruit in its own juice, no-salt-added tinned vegetables, dried fruit, pure fruit and vegetable juice (frozen or tinned,) and frozen fruit and vegetables.
Systematic addition to your cooking
For a 5 day, add apples to your pork, chopped carrots or onions to spaghetti sauce or frozen mixed vegetables to your favourite pasta recipe. Top cake with red fruits. Fruit and vegetables can only add to the taste of your foods, and they’re good for you.
Choose meals that are packed with veggies
Craving soup for dinner? Choose a chunky vegetable stew to help get that 5 a day. Pasta on the menu tonight? Remember that tomato-based spaghetti sauce counts as a vegetable. Having frozen pizza for a weekend lunch? Buy one with added mushrooms, green peppers and onions, then add your own broccoli when you get home.
Feast on them as snacks
Keep carrot sticks handy in the fridge. have fresh fruit at hand, on a bowl in the dinning room, a basket in the kitchen. When the kids come in give the a fruit to develop that health fresh fruit reflex.
Have a fruity dessert
Fruit salad is perhaps the most convenient of health food. Practical to finish on a vitamin rich dinner but is great for the mornings breakfast.
Drink your fruit

Stay away from sodas, even diet sodas, See the drinks page for the best things to drink.

Fresh fruit juice or 100% pure juice is the best way to get 2/3 out of 5 of your daily portions of fruit and veg. Smoothies all natural and non adulterated are absolutely fantastic healthy and convenient ways to eat your fruit.

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