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What is Yellow Nail Syndrome

If you have not heard of Yellow Nail Syndrome (YNS), well it is all right because this disorder is very rare. Yellow Nail syndrome is a combination of lymphedema or swelling of the lower extremities, bronchiectasis, recurrent pneumonia, and nails turning yellow. In most of the patients it is manifested as the disease of the lower lobes of the lungs. It might be caused by infection of the lungs or some kind of obstruction. Bronchiectasis is a disorder in which one or more of the bronchi get enlarged irreversibly. It occurs because of the damage to the muscular and elastic supporting tissues.

Symptoms and effects of Yellow Nail Syndrome

Yellow Nail syndrome generally remains under diagnosed and is thought to be
caused due to hereditary or para-neoplastic or congenital causes. It generally affects
the nails and the lymphatic tissue. Generally YNS is related to lung diseases but it is thought to be caused by congenital abnormalities in the lymphatic system.

Yellow nail Syndrome is marked with yellow nails with lack of cuticle. Nails grow
slowly and are loose and detached. One or more nails might show the signs of onycholysis. Other symptoms include lymphoedema, pleural effusion, and bronchiectasis.

Diagnosing Yellow Nail Syndrome (YNS)

Yellow Nail Syndrome is far more common in toenails than in the fingernails. The patients suffering from YNS shows upper and lower respiratory tract infections that are believed to be caused by some antibody deficiency that occurs after the symptoms of YNS manifest. These symptoms include swelling of the lymph system in many parts but more commonly in hands and feet.

From 1994, a whole lot of symptoms got attached to YNS. These include chronic rhino-sinusitis, recurrent pneumonia, chronic sinusitis, pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, lymphoedema, bronchiectasis or ankle oedema. In some cases even Diabetes has been diagnosed.

Treatment of Yellow Nail Syndrome (YNS)

Unfortunately the treatment of Yellow nail Syndrome is not that much effective and patients are recommended cough suppressants or sleeping pills. They are told to avoid smoking and other respiratory irritants. Treatment could consist of physical therapy like clapping or vibration and postural drainage. Oral antibiotics, vitamin A and E, Zn sulfate, itraconazole and nutritional supplements could also be prescribed.

The best news is that Yellow Nail Syndrome sees about thirty percent spontaneous healing. And you can defend yourself pretty well by proper foot hygiene. Try to wear shoes which have some space at the front, preferably about the width of your thumb. That would prevent your toes from getting damaged. It is advisable to walk barefoot whenever it is possible if you are under medical treatment more so after applying antimicrobial solutions.

You should use cream treatments and liquids topically. Always remember to wear clean socks and also to rotate shoes more frequently. Your doctor would most probably prescribe oral medications or natural remedies to take care of any side effects. And you can always hide it with nail polish..

And yes, one more thing. Slowing down of growth of nails, cause its discoloration. And this slowing down of growth could be of various other reasons. The best thing to do is to consult a physician if you find something like this happening.

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