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Best online discount Yoga mats

Top Picks
Drishti Extra thick Yoga mats review

Drishti mat description: Fantastic high quality Drishti yoga Mat, but twice as thick! More padding for those sensitive areas like elbows and knees that protect during poses and asanas. Provides extra support during stretching and poses without being squishy and unstable. buy onlinein 6 colours buy online at discount prices.
Drishi mat review:  "Piyo Gal" (Alexandria, VA United States)
This Drishti thick mat is super comfy and nice to use. If you practice  on a hard wood floor you'll appreciate its extra thickness and support that is provided during the workout. The only down side is one I hadn't really thought about until I was hauling it around in my new bag, it's quite heavy. But during asanas and tricky balance poses this is a perfect well worth piece of equipment I bought online and it comes in many funky colours on sale now at discount prices.

Manduka deluxe 71 inch black Yoga mats review

Manduka Description: This Black Mat from Manduka is an innovative high tech black mat, designed for high performance, longevity, and comfort. Its unique surface will resist slipping when wet from perspiration, its firmness resists bunching and remains flat even when practicing poses asanas on a carpet or with sticky feet. The Black Manduka Mat is exceptional for comfortably supporting your spine, hip bones, knees and elbows from punishing hard floor poses and its durability is superior to any other you can buy online. Unlike many others, the Black Manduka exercise yoga Mat has a specific top and bottom surface. This piece of essential equipment has been designed to last you a lifetime . The 71-inch black Mat is 26-inches wide by 71-inches long by 1/4-inch thick and weighs approximately 7 pounds, buy online at discount prices, on sale now.
Review:  Char "sports Lover" (Nebraska)
The Manduka black yoga  mat offers the most secure footing like no other I have used; the enhanced stability allows one to concentrate on the poses and not on keeping the feet from slipping. The Manduka does not stretch ore move in poses like the warrior poses, and it stays firmly in place. The dense cushioning protects knees, joints, hands and wrists but is not so soft that it messes  with your balance during Ashtanga poses. This is the best you can buy from a website online ever. Investing in this superior Manduka yoga exercise mat (especially if you are a beginner) is definitely worth the money; it will enhance your performance and build your confidence even when doing the hardest poses and asanas.

Gaiam Yoga mats review

Gaiam description: Buy online a comfortable cushion for bones the Gaiam mat protects joints and pressure points with a textured surface allowing for greater stickiness for secure footing and hand placement during poses and asanas.
Gaiam review:  Nadia KaRuna Potter "Lyengar" (Oakland, CA USA)
I'm really am happy with Gaiam yoga exercise mat! I love the colour and the energy of it. I also purchased online the matching Gaiam bag that fits with it perfectly. I'm not only using my Gaiam for poses asanas and stretching but also practice meditation Vinyasa on it... and every time I'm having difficulties in my workout I look at it and I smile knowing what a great piece of equipment it is. It does a body good to be in such comfort during your kundalini routines as your back and joints are protected and cushioned which is something not to take for granted.

Yoga everything Ultra thick mats review

Description: This extra-thick 1/4 inch yoga mat has excellent cushion protection, comfort and "stickiness"  and grip you need as well as comes in 12 great colours: Dark Blue, Purple, Dark Green, Burgundy, Light Blue, Light Purple, Light Green, Light Lavender, Orange, Pink, Yellow and Red.
Review:  M. Pool (Germany)
I  have used it over a dozen times already. As soon as I bought online the ultra thick pink yoga exercise mat , first I washed it with soap and water for a few days. This product is recommended by fitness instructor and yogies alike. I love this pink yoga mat. The thickness of the material in this extra thick pink mat is really excellent especially when doing poses like the boat and when balancing or poses that need to rock on he spine with no pain to bones or muscle. The extra length is also welcomed in iyengar kundalina or Ashtanga . You can buy them online in many cool different colours not just pink. I went with pink coloured one I just love Pink...!

Savasa deluxe Travel yoga mat and travelling bag review

Travel yoga mat description: Enhance your  trips with the unique Savasa Travel Yoga Mat with Deluxe its personal Carrying Bag. The mat is the most basic piece of  equipment and allows you to feel safe and secure as you move through your all the poses. The travel yoga mat is 24-inches by 68-inches by three-millimeters and instead of rolling it in a tube, you simply fold  it in its bag. It includes a handy deluxe travel carrying bag buy online at discount prices.
Review: Mads (New Castle, DE United States)
I have bought 6 mats online now, of various  sizes, including this excellent Savasa travel yoga mat, and I really enjoy bringing this travel one  to class as well as use at home. I do heated vinyasa so this makes a great non-skid layer under the mat or towel. Because it packs up much smaller than the other ones I have to roll up, it's definitely convenient for travel. The little travel bag that comes with it can carry some  accessories, like an extra change of clothes, towel, etc.
Gaiam Eco conscious Jute Yoga mats review

Description: An eco friendly Gaiam jute yoga mat is an alternative for your  practice and workouts, this jute eco yoga mat from Gaiam is made of 100% jute, an earthy, natural, eco and biodegradable jute fiber. The  eco jute Gaiam is constructed by meshing jute fibres with patented PER plastic, a phthalate-free plastic that is eco friendly to the environment, as well as for the workers who manufacture it. Soft and lightweight, the Gaiam eco Jute Mat has a grippy, non-skid rubber bottom, ideal for all types of flooring. The eco jute Gaiam yoga mat is durable enough for machine-washing but will have a longer life span if hand washed. No matter what type of Yoga you practice, from Vinyasa Hatha Ahtanga kundalini, this is the one piece of equipment that will rewards your chakras as well as look retro cool.
Aeromat Extra thick 2/8" Pilates / Black Yoga mats review

Description: This black Aeromat yoga mat was designed with the Pilates and yoga practitioners in mind. A good Pilates Aeromat black mat needs to protect the user from hard floors and potential impact and provide extra comfort and support during exercises on floorwork. This Aeromat black yoga mat also is firm enough to provide a good stable and solid platform for the key areas of the body. The 3/8" thick Aeromat Pilates/Yoga Mats is a perfect combination of these features.  Perfect for those who desire more cushion than the traditional  one provides. Comfort, portability and versatility, an all around sound investment. Measures 24" x 72" x 3/8". This recommended mat has a smooth texture and is recommended by many trained certified  instructors and professionals alike for use at home or in class for either intense workout or simple relaxation.

Extra wide & thick cotton organic yoga mats & removable cover

Organic cotton yoga mat description: This is one of the nicest futon style organic cotton yoga mat you'll find. It uses sturdy  organic materials, with excellent durability and is  extremely well made. This organic yoga mat is a full 3 feet wide, and is extremely soft and comfortable. The cotton organic yoga mat has a removable cover that is made from 100% organic cotton. This cotton organic  one contains a generous 3" of plush batting that is 80% organic and 20% chemical free cotton. This extrawide mat has attached ties for easy roll-up and storage. Overall size is 72" long by 36" wide by 3" thick.

Kid's dark blue Yoga mats

Child's yoga mat description: This is a great yoga mats for kids! It's 5 feet long, and is fairly thick and dense  that not only provides adequate padding, but holds up extremely well over time for all kids. The dark blue colour is ideal for your child. At 6.2mm, our extra thick child's  mat is a full 1/4" thick, and is one of the thickest ones on the market. When shopping around for kids note that what many other companies consider or interpret as a 1/4" mat is actually 4.5 - 5.2 mm in thickness -- considerably thinner than this  recommended kids yoga mat
Extra long Deluxe1/4" thick Yoga mats review

Long yoga mat description: This is an excellent extra long mat for taller yogies, or those wanting a little extra length in their mat! The one is 7 feet long, and is a very thick and extremely dense  that really provides adequate protection and padding. At 6.2mm, our extra long mat is a full 1/4" thick, and is one of the thickest mats on the market. When shopping for a  mat, you need to note that what many other companies call a 1/4" mat is actually 4.5 - 5.2 mm in thickness is considerably thinner compared to this one. The extra long part is available in dark blue, which is the same shade blue as our standard and kid's products.
Yoga mat review: felicity "felicity07" (Caribbean)
Love it!!!
Great for taller yogis.
great thickness too...
A bit slippery but after a couple of sessions it wears off - I totally recommend it!

Tapas cheap Basic Sticky Yoga mat review

Cheap Yoga mat description: Designed specifically for the yogi on the go. This cheap yoga mat weighs less than 1-1/2 lbs. and folds or rolls compactly for carrying. Many teachers and students like to use the Tapas Basic under a towel or Airex prevent them from sliding on the floor. Washable. 1/16 inches x 24 inches x 68 inches. 1.25 lb.
Cheap Yoga mat review: L. Hawkins "Laura Wilde" (USA)
Sticky  mats come in three basic thicknesses. At 1/16" this one is the thinnest kind good for travel or placing under a thicker mat to provide more traction. At 24" x 68" it is the standard width and length. The thickest ones (3/16") are designed for those who need or want extra cushion. The average is about 1/8."
Look carefully at the 'bumps' on each side of the it. The larger bumps are designed to face upwards to cushion your hands, feet, and knees during poses while keeping your body from dangerously slipping out of alignment. The smaller bumps are designed to face downwards to grip the floor and keep the sticky side from sliding. Many have a label on one end with the name of the brand. This is typically, but not always...

Hugger Mugger Bella Bag

Hugger mugger yoga mat bag description: The Hugger Mugger Bella mat bag is where beauty and function converge. This stylish bag cool looking bag, made from 100% cotton canvas, fits all our Tapas styles with extra room to spare. The base version of the bag is an economical, natural fiber alternative to our synthetic bags.
Large 30"X10" bag & strap with pocket

Yoga mat bag description: Large nylon bag with shoulder strap and pocket to store keys, wallet, glasses, and your  strap. Drawstring closure. Lightweight & easy to load. Color: Black. Add a bit of comfort and convenience when travelling to your next class. Store you equipment in a reliable way using this convenient and durable bad.
Roomy canvas Tote zipper & adjustable strap with pockets

Yoga mat bag description: These high-energy  bags gear you up in vibrant colors with as much functionality as fun. The cool canvas mesh center bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and two pockets: Exterior pocket has velcro closure and interior pocket has zipper. The breathable bag is lightweight with long zipper and easy to load. The mat will breath and dry in the bag after a long workout. Available in 5 vibrant colors: Purple, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Pink, and Lavender. Size: 27 x 7
Nylon zippered yoga mat bag

Bag description: Carry your yoga mat easily and comfortably with a zippered bag. These  cool and funky bags come in a variety of great colours, and are very comfortable to carry. Made of a lightweight material, including a netted mesh area, these bags allow your mat to breathe and dry. This bag has a zippered closure and a shoulder strap. Bags will fit both the 1/8" and 1/4" mats.


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