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Top rated Yoga and Pilates DVD reviews

DVDs Top Picks
Kundalini Yoga - A Journey through the Chakras

Kundalini Yoga DVD description: This is an ideal Video for beginners and reveals a different approach to Yoga. This video is in two 25 minutes parts that can be done together or separately. It focuses on health and targeting exercising of the spin to strengthen the back muscles and protect against back pain, will keep you supple using deep relaxation and breath to help the poses achieve their desired effect.
Kundalini dvd review:  Healthy Lifestyle BookWorm (USA)
Kundalini Yoga is a totally different way to practice of yoga. Get ready for something new.... you will love it. This DVD has a gorgeous production and lovely voiceovers. It contains meditation, relaxation, and many exercises to raise your Kundalini energy. This DVD will develop your core like you won't believe. It doesn't contain typical yoga postures like Warriors, Triangle, or Sun Salutations. Instead, it looks at your back and posture, flexing rolling and moving your spine in all directions. It will greatly improve your sleep.

Wai Lana Yoga: Beginners Workout

Wai Lana Yoga DVD description: This  beginner Yoga DVD focuses on stretching and relaxation and loosens up the body. It is a perfect balance of toning, challenge and relaxation in a colourful surrounding. It teaches many simple and intermediate asanas. The instructors voice is soothing and explanations are thorough to guide you through your workout.
Beginners workout yoga DVD review:  Gina (Florida, USA)
Wai Lana's yoga Beginners Workout is the perfect balance of challenge, toning, and relaxation. Her accent and colourful clothing took a bit of getting used to, but now I love it. Her voice is soothing, and her instruction is helpful without being intrusive. In addition, the scenery is so beautiful and really adds to the relaxing mood of the practice. While it is very appropriate for beginners. Wai Lana never pushes you to do more than what is comfortable, but she is very encouraging. While so many of the newer yoga DVDs seem more like aerobics, Wai Lana does yoga the way it should be. I would recommend this DVD to anyone who loves yoga.

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga

Prenatal Yoga DVD description: Genuine pregnancy prenatal video offers a careful balanced challenging workout This video focuses on relaxation in a safe workout routine for pregnant yogies, a bit of Yoga knowledge and experience is required and is not suites for beginners.
Prenatal yoga DVD review:  T. Stettner "Buff Mama" (San Fran, CA)
I really enjoy Jennifer's style of workout. I have bought  several Prenatal Yoga classes and none of them were challenging enough for my taste. This pregnancy workout is challenging, yet keeps stays within the limitations of pregnant women. This prenatal yoga DVD  is a great way to get a workout at home when things are just getting to hectic and difficult to getting to the gym. My family even joins in with me and they love it! This video is a must buy for women wanting to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy.

Karen Voight: Yoga Power

Yoga power DVD review:  Better Bring Your "A" Game
Reviewer: N. Privette (Wake Forest, NC, USA)

Karen Voight does NOT PLAY AROUND. If you're looking for an easy feel-good yoga video, look elsewhere. This is an intense yoga workout that will kick your ever-loving behind. This is for advanced yogies and you need to be already flexible and in fairly good shape, you might want to save this video until you are. If you think you're up for the challenge, get ready for a great workout that will have you sweating even while staying still. If you can master all the asanas and poses half as smoothly as she can, you'll get super toned up and have great flexibility. Oh, and Karen Voight's amazingly long and lovely body is great inspiration for those of us who need a little inspiration through all the huffing and puffing of these intense workouts.
Power Yoga for Athletes

Power Yoga DVD description: Adrienne reeds "Power yoga for athletes" is intense and challenging. There are many Power Yoga DVDs and this is among the best to develop strength stamina and flexibility targeting specific muscle groups.
Power Yoga DVD review: Challenging yoga, Reviewer: Yoni (Israel)
This workout is an athletic approach to Power yoga, but it's still standard up yoga poses. Individual parts of the workout focuses on a different body area or group of muscles like legs and lunges and chair variations. The video also targets the upper body with a series of push up , cobra , and down dog variations. It develops and works on the abs with Adrienne , the instructor makes you work real good & you'll definitely feel your muscles
burning and work up sweat. The end takes you through stretches and relaxation. Among the Power Yoga DVDs this is recommended though you might want to look at complementing it with other Power Yoga variations.

Yoga to GO for kids

Yoga to GO for kids description: This  award winning Kids yoga DVD take you child through a safe yoga program specially designed for kids and their families. Kids engage physically as well as using their imagination to learn individual yoga poses while learning of the benefits it brings to their health and minds. Their is also a section for parents and teachers with tips and guides on how to help take kids through the poses in a safe way to prevent injury.
Kids yoga DVD review:  Perfect yoga DVD for kids. Reviewer: Abbi P.
My kids really love this kids yoga video. I like the way it is put together, really geared towards making it fun for children, while they are learning yoga. I also like the instructor, she's clear, adds elements and comments children enjoy and best of all, doesn't use "baby talk". I would definitely recommend this Kids Yoga DVD for any young child. By the way, my husband loves doing it too!

Fat Free Yoga - Lose Weight & Feel Great

Fat free Yoga DVD description: Experience Kundalini Yoga's approach to effortless conditioning. Breathe, move, stretch, relax, meditate, celebrate! Boost your metabolism. Slim down, tone and feel inspired. These workouts and meditations will help you optimize your glandular system, bring emotional healing, reduce "problem" areas, and help you attain your personal ideal. This conveniently chaptered 90 min. DVD offers four 20 min. workouts (plus two meditations) to help you reshape your body and your life!
Weight loss Yoga DVD review:  High Energy!, August 7, 2006
Reviewer: T. Clarke (New York)

I've only just started with this exercises and I can immediately feel the results.  I love the cardio warm up exercises call "Ravi Rolls" with the breath of Fire. Then there are the poses and exercises that get your blood flowing. It all bring a lot of emotional and physical healing and you can feel the burn and weight loss. I leave the sessions more relaxed and more energized. You do not need a lot of space for the workout so you can do it in your home or apartment. The routines lets beginners get into it easily while it challenges the "veterans". The breathing exercises alone helped me cope with the stress of at work. Highly recommended little video!

Pilates for Men DVD

Pilates for men DVD review:  It made a world of difference - great for men. Reviewer: T. Love (Nebraska, US)
This Pilates for men DVD has made an enormous improvement in my core strength and flexibility, which I have noticed when doing regular tasks as well as doing my full workouts at the gym. I've attempted  pilates classes, but they contain mostly women, and was fairly discouraged until I got this Pilates fro men DVD. Other men pilates videos that I have tried had instructors who assumed that muscle flexibility in men was not an issue. Alisa Wyatt is excellent because the emphasis is on targeting  men's issues, such as tight hamstrings. John and Phil are "regular guys", who emphasise that Pilates isn't just for the super flexible. Also, the DVD is more informal, a thankful change from the "yoga-esque" or "new-age-esque" theme that you see in so many others.


Classical Pilates Technique with focus on NECK & BACK

Neck and Back yoga dvd review:  Tom C. Floyd "Tom Floyd" (Austin, TX USA)
The Classical Pilates Technique series of DVDs has long served me as an important adjunct to my knowledge and skill in Pilates. As a Pilates practitioner, trainer, and studio owner, these DVDs have been indispensable as both a review of correct technique and as an inspiration of the technique performed as an art form.
The latest release, "Classical Pilates Technique with consideration of the Neck and Back," continues all the strengths of the original titles, but surpasses their technical quality and aesthetic interest. It is expertly shot with a beautiful background. Like the other Classical Pilates Technique titles, this DVD presents all workouts in real time, with voice-over commentary provided by best-selling Pilates author Alycea Ungaro, P.T. and Megan Rich, P.T. The commentary is precise, thorough, and easy to understand.... read on

Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss

Yoga DVD review:  Ana has done it again!!, February 2, 2006
Reviewer: Nene (Jamaica, NY)

Wow! Ana sure knows how to pack a wallop in just under 30 minutes!! These are high density programs to sustain the weight loss, and it works! Maintenance Pilates definitely takes the Pilates exercises to a whole new level! Some new moves I never seen before have been included in this workout, such as the crab (it'll take a while for me to master this move). There is also a fat burner supplementary workout that lasts 15 minutes and will keep that fat off. Anyway, everything is included in this workout. In addition, Ana has also added a 15-minute bonus workout and an audio CD. This one has a fun move, like the rolling like a ball around the clock. I can't wait to practice this move. Ana, thank you sooo much!!

Yoga & Pilates Workouts for Dummies

For dummies Yoga pilates DVD review:  Great practice!, July 17, 2006
Reviewer: K. Coopersmith

I just got recently so I have not gotten to the yoga workouts yet, but I was interested in it mostly for the pilates practices. The yoga instructor is quite good and the practice leaves me limber and relaxed. I found it was simple to follow, but a great stretch and a dam good workout for a beginners pilates program.
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