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Explaining and defining the health benefits of yoga

A Definition of Yoga
Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice to keep the body flexible and attain spirituality that is brought from India.. In fact, millions of people across the globe are now aware of the health benefits of this ancient Yoga practice. This is the reason that this age-old physical art is practiced by so many and not mealy limited to Hinduism.

Yoga can be defined as a routine or fitness education, that involves certain dietary restrictions and prescriptions, physical exercise and ethical precepts and included meditation for mental relaxation. It follows a methodology and ancient technique with specific poses and positions and practices to enhance its healing effects. The practitioners of yoga firmly believes that this discipline  is capable of improving his mental and physical performance and reach beyond the standard limits of personal fitness.
The physical benefits and importance of yoga
Many believe that yoga helps in losing weight, increase appetite and rejuvenate you body. This is absolutely true. However, there is more to yoga than just weight loss and body rejuvenation. The basic importance of yoga is that it helps a person keeping abreast of his or her subconscious mind and offers him or her, the rejuvenation of mind and spirit. This ancient art brings wellness as much as physical training. It can relieve the daily tensions and anxiety and bring relief to stress and other emotional problems. Now, this is not possible with other kinds of physical activities and exercises. Most of the physical exercises, muscle training programs and body building techniques, offer physical gain to an individual. Many health professionals believe that the benefits of yoga include spine health and lowers back pain, it will improve muscle tone as well as reduce stress all the while improving sleep.
However, with yoga therapy, you can easily discover  your inner self, be aware of what is actually going on in your mind and clear your mind of all the accumulated clutter. You can learn to concentrate, dissolve your worries and improve physical disorders with the help of yoga. If taken seriously and practiced regularly, one can feel immediate health improvements, as well as tone the figure and lose weight. There is no perfect time to start yoga. As the wise say “It is better late than never”, you can start yoga as young and as old as you want. In case, you plan to practice yoga late in your life; it will strengthen your heart promote cardio vascular endurance and reduce the effects of arthritis while improving flexibility, blood flow and bring relief to minor joint pains. Yoga can cure many illnesses and you must trust this age-old tradition to benefit from it.
Starting out in yoga:
Once you have decided to get started with yoga exercises and postures it is very important to consult a doctor prior to starting yoga poses for the first time. Pranayam is considered to be the basic and one of the best exercises to start yoga. Since we all have mixed physical abilities we need to improve our posture through yoga moving poses. some exercises target different areas of your body at different strength levels. This is a progression that a person will naturally develop as his skills and exercises dedication grows with time.
Here are certain steps that you need to keep in mind, prior to starting yoga exercises.
 Focus on a yoga type: Here, you need to do a little study. There are several types of yoga exercises and you must consider a type that suits your body, overall personality and physical fitness. Try concentrating on certain yoga styles and then decide one for yourself. Hatha yoga would be beneficial to you if you are a novice. There are several benefits of Hatha yoga and one of the major one a is that it is easy to perform and would benefit your health a great deal.

 Look out for a class: This is an important step. You must find the best yoga class located in your area and make sure that the instructors are highly proficient and experienced that he has personal training certification and is a certified personal trainer. In order to find the best yoga lessons Try reading newspapers, magazines and websites and you can easily decide for the best.

 Equipment: There is nothing that you require to bring along with you to the yoga class, on the first day. However, you need to put on some comfortable clothing that is also breathable.

 Expectations: Make sure that there is a mat for each student that is placed facing the front of the room and the teacher must start the class by chanting one thrice. There are certain warm-up poses followed by vigorous poses, stretches and final relaxation.
 Unavailability of a yoga class: In case, you are unable to find a yoga class near your area, do not worry you can easily catch hold of some of the best yoga books, videos and DVDs in stores and also various libraries. Try purchasing or hiring a beginner’s video  or DVD or even a book in order to benefit yourself for the benefits of yoga in the comfort of your own home. If you do start at home you will need to purchase a yoga mat. There are many yoga mats available and many are reviewed here. Not all Yoga mats are the same and some mats are better adapted to your physiognomy than other mats.
 Precautions: Never ever indulge in a big meal just before a class. It would be best if you have a light meal around 2-3 hours prior to your yoga session. Avoid consuming water during the session. However, it would be good to have some before and after the class. You must not wear shoes or sock during the session. Try going through the yoga etiquette prior to the class. Inform the instructor that it is your first class.
The above-mentioned instructions would help you a great deal in
offering encouragement when you plan on starting yoga exercises or on your first session.
The effects of yoga on the human body
Yoga has many positive effects on human body. In fact, there are several health benefits of yoga. Yoga is a perfect practice to benefit your physical as well as mental health. Several scientific researches and studies have proved that yoga can help the body function well and the person who practices it also experiences good health, harmony and happiness in his life.
Yoga can enhance the strength of muscles and endurance of respiratory system. It also has a potential to increase  flexibility in the body, tendons and restore a healing mental balance. People suffering from arthritis or joint pain can experience a significant decrease in pain by practicing yoga. One can also increase energy levels via this effective physical exercise. Here are some of the other important health benefits of practicing yoga.
 Balances the heart rate.

 Work towards stabilizing the nervous system.

 Can balance hormone levels.

 Its a great way to normalize digestion.

 Yoga enhances joint range of motion.

 It increases energy level.

 Strengthen immune system.

 Helpful in improving cardiovascular efficiency.

 Enhances eye-hand coordination.

 Helpful in restoring sleep.

 Will promote muscle mass and improve body toning.

 Teaches, steady breathing, relaxation breathing and other breathing techniques.

There are numerous benefits of yoga and this age old spiritual exercise would help you keep your body health and function properly.
Physical improvements expected from practicing yoga
Now, you must be wondering how exactly does yoga help your body and what physical improvements you would be observing, when you would have practice yoga for some time. In case, you are a fresher, you would be starting off with the Hatha yoga. You would be amazed to know that the practice of Hatha yoga is almost five thousand years old and it has numerous benefits on your body.
As per a study conducted by the researcher from the University of Wisconsin, La cross, by Dawn Boehde and John Porcari have proved that the yoga group that practiced Hatha yoga and participated in the 55-minute session, has attained immense health improvement. Hatha yoga was beginner-friendly. It offered great relaxation to the body of the students and by the end of seven weeks, these was a considerable physical improvement observed by the instructors. Hatha yoga actually increased the body flexibility, and the endurance as well as the muscular strength was boosted.
The chest and abdominal strength was enhanced. Yoga is actually designed to offer health benefits to an individual. In addition to offering health benefits, it also offer great amount of relaxation to the mind and flexibility to the body. Yoga has the capacity to burn around 237 calories within 50 minutes. It also boosts the heart rate by 60-62 percent of the heart rate max (HR max) with just a mild practice. Hence, yoga practice is very necessary to increase physical fitness and offering mental relaxation to the body.

Sun Salutation Asanas - Click here for the most popular videos
Practicing yoga the correct way
In order to achieve maximum or 100 percent satisfaction and benefits of yoga, one needs to practice it, the correct way. Any wrong move on your part while exercising may turn out to be a bad experience for you.
Some tips that you need to follow when practicing yoga exercises and postures
 Prior to beginning with yoga exercises, you must make sure that you are physically fit and able to handle a new exercise routine, altogether. In case you have any doubts in your mind; consult your instructor or physician.

 Make sure that your instructor is highly experienced and proficient in teaching this art to the students. A good instructor would help you come out of obstructions that you face during exercise routine and also help you on practicing yoga correctly to obtain desired results.

 In case, you attend a yoga session or a gym, make sure that the environment is comfortable and offer relaxation. The environment must facilitate you in promoting poses and positions.

 It is not important to choose a particular period of day to practice yoga. You must consider a schedule that suits you. However, you must avoid attending yoga sessions right after having a heavy meal.

 Be steady. You must be regular with your yoga sessions, in order to obtain desired results. Never make rainy day, an excuse to miss your classes.

 Make sure that you wear something light and comfortable. However, you must avoid wearing very loose clothes such as Large T-Shirts. These can interfere in some of your poses. Wear something breathable.

 Make sure that you wear something light and comfortable. However, you must avoid wearing very loose clothes such as Large T-Shirts. These can interfere in some of your poses. Wear something breathable.

 It is not advisable to practice yoga for children between the ages of 7 to 8.Pregnant women must strictly avoid certain poses and positions that may put pressure on their abdomen.

Yoga is not at all hard to practice. All you need is to consider above-mentioned instructions in mind and start off the exercise with a positive approach. Your experience with yoga would be an amazing one. You would thoroughly enjoy the benefits it has on your body.
Types of yoga exercises
Here are some of the basic yoga exercises. These exercises can be easily practiced at home.

 Frog Stand:

 Squat lowly and place the hands on the ground below. Make sure that you rest the triceps on top of the kneecaps. Thereafter tip forward and life the feet from the ground.

 Be in this position for 30 seconds.

 Now extend a leg in back and keep it diagonal to the floor while elongating the neck to maintain balance.

 Straighten the elbows, lift the legs, tip forward and then press slowly in to a hand-stand.
Benefits of these exercises
Frog stand strengthens the shoulder girdle and builds up core muscle. It also enhances the stamina.

 Tree Pose:

 Stand with both feet planted on the floor.

 Keep the arms at the sides and body following a proper alignment.

 Now inhale and bend the right leg.

 Pull the heel up to the point that it rests on the inside of your left thing.

 Take the balance and hold on the position.

 Slowly push the arms overhead while keeping the palms touching each other.

 Now, press the knee back and prevent any sort of hip movement.

 Hold on to the position for next thirty second and then switch sides.

 You must repeat the procedure two to three times.

You must make sure that you are physically fit to perform yoga. Visit a doctor in order to confirm that you at the best state of your health in order to perform yoga.

In a Nutshell, starting from the history and origination of yoga, this physical and mental relaxation exercise and help you attain good physical health and mental relaxation. One needs to start off the yoga practice with a positive attitude in order to achieve effective results. Yoga has a tremendous capacity to awaken your inner consciousness, offer happiness, relaxation and immense health benefits.

Start practicing yoga today and experience the difference.
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