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What is Pilates, its fitness and health benefits


Pilates health benefits has converted  many people who have adopted Pilates in their daily physical fitness routine. This unique method of achieving physical fitness was created by Joseph Pilates during the early period of twentieth century and prescribes a unique combination of strength and flexibility workouts.

The main aim of Joseph Pilates was to develop a workout and fitness system that would facilitate an persons need to overcome certain physical weakness or physiological ailments.

There are several health benefits of Pilates including its amazing capacity to strengthen the human body, increase health endurance. Some of the major health benefits include the following:

 Stress relief

 Body toning and shaping

 Taller appearance through improved posture

 Physical fitness improvements

 Prevention from physical injury

 Flat stomach and tighter abs

 Flexibility and ligament strength

 General well being and wellness

Winsor Pilates has also become a common term  and there are several benefits including fat burning, weight loss, mental conditioning and concentration on core strength.

Getting started with Pilates
The most important thing is to actually get started in order to benefit from it. There are certain things you need to take in to consideration when planning to get started with the practice of this discipline.
Millions of people have already adopted this fitness training program and gained a lot well-being from it. In fact many doctors and physicians consider it to be the best way to stay fit without adopting an extensive strength training and aerobic exercise routine. It is a system of five hundred movements that target the development of  core muscles of the body and enhancing flexibility through a series of exercises movements and workout routines.
You have made up your mind to start with a fitness training program, you need to  get a DVD based on Pilates exercises. You can learn a lot of things from these DVDs with little effort or cost. You may also contact an experienced and proficient certified instructor or teacher who can take your through the basics and provide a custom program. However, prior to attending these classes or following instructions given on DVD, you need to visit a doctor or physician to get medical advice and assess any physical risks that might be associated with taking up this physical fitness activity or attending pilates classes.
Using exercise equipment in Pilates:
A mat, mat reviews can be found here.

Resistance bands

Exercise ball

Pilates circles

All pilates necessary exercise equipment can be found here.

Pilates DVD reviews

Books here

Once you have implemented the above-mentioned actions in your 'getting started' routine, you can easily start off with this beneficial physical fitness program.
Types of Pilates exercise
Pilates is a physical fitness program that works towards strengthening the core muscle groups of the body, in order to increase resistance physical injury and other weaknesses.

There are two basic formats for this sort of an exercise system. The first is the method of using equipment in private sessions. The other one includes group mat classes without using equipment.
Types of Pilates exercise
 Mat exercises: This kind of exercise focuses  on strengthening the trunk and hip muscles. It also enhances the flexibility of hips and spine. Recently Pilates has collaborated and combined with other exercise techniques such as yoga.
 Pilates equipment exercise: Here, one needs to utilize the equipment. The equipment in turn, utilizes the resistance of spring and creates effort. Reformer is the main equipment that contains a sliding platform. One can easily move the platform by pulling on ropes or pushing off from a stationary bar. The exercises with these equipments include the challenge of moving the platform and maintaining balance on a moving surface.Cadillac, another machine include a padded platform in conjunction with a cage like frame on top of it.

 Wunda chair, the third most important piece of  Pilates equipment has a small platform that is similar to a bench with an attached bar and springs. One requires to push on the bar when sitting or standing on the bench. Standing or lying on the floor is also acceptable, this is a useful if not for many a fundamental prop used in a range of muscle tone and flexibility exercises.

Pilates Exercise And Fitness Video - The top video clips of the week are here
The best way to practice and adopt Pilates:
Practicing regularly is very important to attain maximum health benefits. In order to practice Pilates the way experts do, you require choosing the best class, around you. In case, you desire following a particular budget, it would be wise to join a group Pilates class. This would prove economical to you.

The instructor or certified teacher would guide you practicing various standing, sitting and recumbent positions.

Learning and practicing Pilates is the best way to attain maximum health benefits from this physical fitness program. Visit your classes regularly in order to improve quickly, lose weight and increase muscle strength and resistance.

You may also create your own workout gym at home. With a little planning, you can build your own home gym. All you need is to figure out are your fitness goals and the fitness level you expect to reach within the next three or six months.

Once you come to a conclusion on the above-mentioned targets, you need to decide on the equipments, you would be purchasing for your home gym. You would find a variety of equipment options in the marketplace that you can purchase for your exercise routine. Here are some of the important Pilates equipments you need to consider for your home gym.
 Free weight for building muscles

 Resistance bands for strength

 Benches for cardio and strength training workouts

 Tread mill for cardiovascular movement

 Dumbbell set to tone up muscles

 Fitness ball for strengthening and toning muscles and stretching

 Jump rope

Once you have the equipments for your home gym, its time to start practicing. Get in to some push-ups, tricep dips, squats and calf raises.
List of physical fitness benefits
There are several physical benefits of practicing Pilates. This physical fitness program consists more than five hundred controlled exercises. These exercises are an equalized amalgamation of strength and flexibility training that aim to enhance the posture, offer a taller gait and reduce stress to in individual.

Pilates involves smooth and continuous motion and works on multiple muscle groups simultaneously. The focus is basically on strengthening and stabilizing the abdominal area.

The best thing about Pilates is that one does not feel exhausted, but gets fully charged up. The reason is that it emphasizes on the quality of movement.

The regular practice would enhance the flexibility of the body and even helps building muscles. The exercises involve vigorous pulls, stretches and resistance against your body weight.

In case, you are looking out for a type of  exercises to attain a slim body, you must go for the Winsor Pilates exercise. There are several benefits of Winsor Pilates exercise. One of them is that it works on each part of the human body and emphasizes on the core muscle groups; namely, lower back, buttock, abdomen and hips. This would soon result in weight loss and even enhance your physical appearance.

Many celebrities, today trust Pilates to attain a good looking and well toned body. In fact, most of these celebrities vouch for it when it comes to enhancing flexibility of the body.

It is very similar to an age old exercise yoga. Like yoga, it also focuses on a daily routine of muscle tone and strength in addition to offering relaxation to mind and body.

You may face certain difficulties performing certain  exercises and postures, in the beginning. You may think that you are physically fit but these postures and exercises may result in a sore body and make  your muscles tremble.

The reason is that you would be exercising the muscles, you generally don’t. It aims at  strengthening your muscles. Practice these movements and exercises for around two weeks and you will feel stronger and also reduces the pain in joints and muscles.

Joseph Pilates had just one aim  in making the body stronger and more resistance to physical weakness due to certain illness. Since, Pilate exercise involves breathing techniques, it tends to increase mental focus and help you increase your awareness on proper posture.

In a nutshell, you need to start practicing in order to actually experience the health benefits of Pilates.  You can easily be learning the techniques and workouts sitting in the convenience of your home.

In case, you would like to join Pilates classes, nothing like it. Make sure that you enrol yourself in to the best gym, in your area. Also ensure that your certified instructor is well experienced and proficient in this field.

Practicing Pilates and its Winsor version would offer you immense health benefits. All you have to do is to decide on starting off with a simple exercise routine.
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