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Pilates Home exercise equipment

Pilates equipment Top Picks
At Home SPX Reformer (package)

Reformer description: The at home SPX reformer is the most amazing piece of kit any person doing Pilates will have. Incredibly durable the is the ultimate in home fitness pilates exercise equipment made to last. All the components are precision designed and build for strength, while offering an extraordinary 250 different exercises. So why go to the gym when you can workout in the privacy of your home on one of the most complete and professional  home Pilates exercise machines. The instruction guide helps you get started for the beginners and veterans of Reformers will be familiar with this quality piece of fitness equipment. The pilates Reformer is fully adjustable to adapt to any body size and the patented rolling mechanism ensures that your workouts are smooth as silk and safe to your body and joints and lets you focus on delivering the right form and execution of each movement.

Total Gym 1700

Pilates resistance gym description: The total Gym 1700 Club is an all in one machine for Pilates junkies. Compact and easy to stow away this machine will tone and target every muscle group. The bar on the Resistance gym allows you to add up to 35 kg of free weights adding a whole host of new levels of resistance. So now you can follow your cardiovascular workouts or chose to push yourself a bit more to develop your core strength tone and build you muscles, biceps triceps legs and abs. When you are done with the perfect pilates workout you can simply slide it under your bed, convenient and sturdy at affordable price you can now by the Total gym online at discount rices.

Stamina Pilates Performer 4000

Pilates performer 4000 description: SIf you are on a budget by need and want that machine that can provide a good all around workout the Stamina Pilates Performer will do the trick at an affordable price. highly recommended for beginners it will help you familiar with the core concepts of home fitness equipment and basic Pilates resistance and core exercises. This Pilates machine can be bought online at the online shop and comes with the same steel tubing and resistance bands a more expensive piece of equipment would. For convenience the reformer folds away easily and can be very discreet.  Combining this piece of home exercise equipment with other pieces such as resistance bands and pilates circles or balls is sure to provide and excellent workout in the comfort of your own home. The reformer comes with a getting started video that will guide you thought the many routines and exercises that the Reformer can perform and get you on the path to fitness and a toned  body.

Bowflex complete Pilates Kit

Pilates starter kit description: When online shopping for Pilates equipment for beginners, there is no better place to start that with the Bowflex Pilates starter kit. This starter kit combines the  Bowflex Power Rod Technology has been recognized by professional personal trainers and fitness magazines as one of the best home fitness kits money can buy. The specially designed mat that should be used with the Bowflex workout bench making it extra supportive and ensuring the surface does not slip when wet during your routines and workout sessions. The rods hold a set of extension cables as well as foot straps in this bow flex kit. Combined they are the ideal equipment to target the abs and develop your core strength as well as using the stability ball to provide all around toning and fat burning. The kit also comes with its own DVD instructions on using the pilates home fitness kit and 45 minutes of routines and workouts.
Cory Everson Yoga & Pilates Set
Pilates kit description: For those of you that have not heard of Cory Everson he is a is a six time Ms. Olympia body building champ and is considered to be a leading physical fitness expert. So when Cory puts his name on a 7 piece   Pilates & Yoga kit you know your home workout is going to be effective at toning and building your muscles. The kit comes with an extra sticky mat, a 22" fitness ball, including the pump, pilates straps, latex rubber resistance band. All these elements are combined and used in the professional Cory Everson Fitness  workouts and exercise guide that comes with the kit. The charts and routines are well thought out to give you the maximum fat burning and muscle toning effects you seek from your home workouts.
Everlast Pilates Ball including Resistance Tubing and DVD

Pilates ball review: I Love this Ball!, February 16, 2006
Reviewer: Regular Shopper "I Like 2 workout" (California)
I absolutely adore this little cheap stability pilates ball. This is a heavy duty ball that is a core part of any pilates workout. I have been using it for 6 months and have never needed to re-inflate it. I am not the lightest of persons by the construction of the ball and the resistance tubing that is attached is amazing. The included workout video is basic and is appropriate for beginners so if you are advance you will want to pick up a more specialised DVD. The amount of exercises you can do never stop to impress and my arm and abs are definitely more shapely and toned then ever before... Great product.

Everlast All in One

Pilates ball review: The practical side of this piece of equipment is obvious, you can take anywhere it is compact an comes at a discount price. This all in one piece of equipment comes with and anchor and has two length of of resistance tubing for the strength training workouts. The door anchor provides convenience and adds a whole host of  new fitness poses and exercises for the entire body. You can workout both upper and lower body using the comfortable handles or using ankle straps. Lose weight and burn that fat while travelling or on vacation. But never leave home without this essential piece of pilates equipment that comes with its own travel tote.

Stott Pilates Fitness Circle

Pilates circle description: TAs far as home pilates fitness equipment is concerned the resistance circle is the third essential piece of kit you will need. Designed to target specific muscle groups and develop torso stability control the fitness circle is part of any good fitness program and can work in conjunction with exercises done on the reformer pilates machines. Made of sturdy materials and very light weight the effects and capabilities of this fitness circle will amaze the novice. Buy it online at discount prices.

Gaiam Pilates Body Circles Kit

Pilates body circles description: If you are looking for strong and shapely arms without the muscle bulking effect then you need Gaiam's Body Circles. This is a piece o fitness kit that is truly dedicated to sculpting your arms bicep, shoulders, triceps and upper back. these light weight rings are sturdy and cushioned for comfort and they come with their own work out video. It is an 8 minute a day routine that will bring  help and exercise advice from renouned trainer Ana Caban that takes you thought the key steps in working out that upper body in the most efficient manner.
Fit strips resistance exercise bands 25 Pack

Pilates fit strip description: You'll love these pre-cut bands! Perfect for all types of exercise including yoga and pilates. Each band is pre-cut to a 4 foot length, so no measuring is required! The Fit Strip Band is 99.998% FREE of soluble proteins (latex allergens). There is no messy powder, and the color sequence and resistance levels are easy to remember - ROY G. BIV! You'll find the Fit Strip Band to be the best exercise tool around! It's so small you can take it wherever you want!
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