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Yoga and Pilates Book online Reviews

Yoga and Pilates Books Top Picks
Hatha Yoga Illustrated

Description: There are many variations of this traditional art of exercise. Amongst the most popular of yoga books is Hatha. Hatha Yoga is illustrated with over 600 color photos taking you through over 70 illustrated poses. Above the quality of the illustrations all major styles of Hatha are covered including Bikram, Astanga, Iyentar and Anusara Yoga. You will discover body awareness and understand how to achieve proper breathing, integrate meditation techniques and proper body alignment. It is a challenging guide and manual you will be happy to buy online, buy online for discount... more

Reader review:  Anthonye  Getfitnow, Connecticut (USA)
Hatha Yoga Illustrated is a fantastic book that covers all the basis. It is an ideal all around book for those wanting a broad spectrum of poses and clearl defines all what it has to offer in a single book. There is virtually no blah blah, no useless inspirational pep talk. It is a ll good quality information that challenges your style in a safe and controlled fashion... see all reviews

Contact Yoga

Description: Contact Yoga is a new approach, it share the human contact and relationships . It deepens the unity between two persons, friends, lovers and family. This unique guide depends the knowledge of intimacy as it uses each persona as a support to each other movements and poses. Contact Yoga book is illustrated to carry you through the routines poses and workout. Tara Lynda Guber and Anodea Judith offer a unique and individual perspective on the dynamics operating in loving relationships, based upon the key seven Points body of Contact points, buy online for discount... more

Reader review: Virginia Michels, Kentucky (USA)
Wow I am impressed on how the authors merged their beautiful understanding of a united relationship and combined it with delicate yet challenging poses in the couple. The bonding and unity is amazing. I practice it with my husband and feel that it has brought us closer together. Each new pose requires the support and alignment of the partner to bring to life each movement and pose. This is a truly excellent inspirational book for couples. I really do recommend this books to couples in search of a bit more Juice in there relationship... see all reviews

Yoga for regular guys

Description: Ok guys, if you thought that Yoga was for sissies think again.  Three-time World Champion Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page is simply an international superstar of wrestling. packed full of humour and attitude this is the type of Yoga book for men can relate to. It is for men with manly attitude so the approach to its poses and workouts adapts to male physiognomies and address the problems and challenge men face when practicing your workouts, buy online for discount.

Reader review: A. Pearce, California  (USA)
I've often looked at spandex wearing women practicing in a very "Bendy"
way.Finally I have book that looks at it through a mans eyes. It speaks the right language, the attitude is great and don't feel like a girl when I work out... and it is quite a work out. It makes it and fitness that much more motivating and fun.

How Yoga works

Description: Yoga Sutra as most know is the original source of all forms of  yoga. In this book you will discover the secrets of how deep down the principals work together. How the mechanics of physical fitness works takes you on a journey from Tibet to India, its birth places. The authors share their experiences living in Monasteries for years and share the lessons and findings revealing the powers of yoga for meditation, posture, healing of the body and soul and how it can build inner strength and happiness, buy online for discount.... more

Reader review: Martha Bentlry, Oxford, (UK): The writer is a young women so as to give a different perspective and point of view of the traditions and practices. In her work she sheds the stereotypical old man symbols of to cover through her delightful story telling the ways to relate to its  practices, the comments and explanations of the Yoga Sutras Patanjali teachings as well as explain how working with this ancient art can transform your body and soul... see all reviews

The Yoga tradition: history literature and practice

Description: Feuerstein is the author of over 20 books and his reputation and skills have brought international attention to the practice of the art of Yoga. The author of this Historical description manages to combine the translation of original yoga scripture with the teachings of spiritual and practical yoga. This book brings to life the multiple facets of the art of Yoga notably its relationships with Buddhism and Hinduism while explaining the different schools and teachers  while defining what the concept of Unity truly means, buy online for discount.

Reader review: Dan Rathorfor, Misory (USA)

This book is almost like the text book, its easy to ready and a pleasure to learn. It ends up giving a wide holistic view and understanding. In many aspects it is a surprising book, though on occasion you might think you are back in school. I bought this book in order to get a better understanding of the origins and structure of Yoga,, and it did just that.

Essential Yoga : over 100 poses and Meditations

Description: We hope and search for Yoga books that covers the essentials, the poses and sequences. Fr these reasons this books is an online best seller as it contains everything you need for Hatha including over 100 poses perfectly illustrated with over 180 pictures, it also offer over 50 different sequences that you can follow to bring variety to your sessions and workouts. It provides simple to follow instructions that you can follow during your sessions. You will find unique meditations including the Sun salutation meditation and the camel vinyasa. From beginners to advance practitioners the various sessions covers how to build strength and target specific health ailments and problem, buy online for discount... more

Reader review:  JW, Penn, (USA)
Of the many books I have tried this is the bible I keep going back to, It gives me all the building blocks for my 20 to 40 minutes session while bringing enough flexibility in the suggested routines and pose sequence to adapt the workout to my daily moods. It has helped with my overall strength and muscle toning an my back pain s gone.. I really love and recommend this fantastic book, buy online for discount... See all reviews

Pilates by Rael Isacowitz

Pilates book description: Most Pilates books only cover certain aspects of core training or are limited in the extent of the physical fitness and strength training equipment used in Pilates. This Pilates book is the complete opposite. You will be impressed with the range of equipment and pilates machines that are described in this edition. The book contains over 210 different exercises  with each exercises succinctly described , it is a contemporary approach to the teachings of Joseph Pilates that you will find most effective as a daily guide and reference manual.... more

Pilates book review: 
I have been practicing Pilates for many years and am a certified pilates instructor. As far as this book goes it is a fundamental tool for my classes and own personal workout sessions. The instructions and easy to follow and will suite Pilates enthusiasts for all calibres and levels. The photos are clear and layout excellent to make this a good foundation for all...

Pilates for menen

Reader Review: 
I enjoy using this pilates book as the approach is truly targeted to the guys out there. With original positions and exercises the transitions are well adapted to our goals and need and everything is really well thought out both from a routines and exercises perspective as well as the the quality of the movements and the recommendations fit sets out... see all reviews
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