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Health fitness and exercise for seniors

Physical activity sports and fitness is much too often associated with younger people and athletes. The reality is that physical activity for seniors can reap some of the highest rewards and health benefits. Exercise for seniors is fundamental in protecting the heart, strengthening joints and articulations, slowing the appearance and effects of arthritis. So if you have lead a healthy and active lifestyle, turning 50 and beyond can be just as physically active of a time. For those that have not, 50 and beyond is a great time to start your daily exercise and physical fitness routines for seniors. The only difference with younger individuals is that you must take it easy and follow this safety advice from a certified professional trainer.
For many, exercise is a disturbance in the daily schedule. Many people now ask "What is the minimum amount of exercise I can get away with and still be fit?"
Its never too late to start exercising
The excuses are endless, and with age, increasing your metabolic rate becomes a greater effort. Starting a regular fitness and exercise program does require greater motivation, but there are many new programs and physical activities that are designed and ideal for senior physical fitness and workouts. Take activities like Yoga that have many physical benefits for senior health, is readily available everywhere and comes with certified professional instructors to guide you through the classes.
No matter who you are the benefits of physical fitness and regular exercise are fairly obvious link, improved health, cardiac endurance, better blood circulation. But there are also health benefits of exercise you might not have considered.For example protecting your joints and strengthening muscle defends against decalcification and keeps your bones stronger. Improved mental state, happier mood if you will. Regular activity and exercise will build your muscle mass and serve as
a furnace by burning a greater about of calories resulting in weight loss. Finally it will definitely boost your sex drive and libido.
Get doctors or certified trainers fitness advice

Physical fitness for seniors and younger none active people needs to be done with assistance and supervision of a trained professional, your doctor or certified trainer. Never jump into to daily physical fitness and exercising from a prolonged state of inactivity, you could be doing much greater damage than good.

Get the proper training advice will also improve the efficiency of your physical training program. Each exercise that you do will have greater health benefits and in the long run you will need to spend less time exercising and will enjoy your workouts more.

If exercise doesn't make you feel good what to do?

The first thing is to stop. Stop exercising and doing the activities that have lead to that bad feeling.

Remember the type of pain or discomfort you had during exercise, What you were doing at the time, what foods and drinks you had during the day and how long had you been exercising.


Talk to your certified instructor or seek the advice of your doctor and walk them through the day that lead to the moment were you experienced the discomfort during your exercises.

Simple reasons can occur that create discomfort during physical exercise such as dehydration, following a large meal and other simple reasons. Get them diagnosed and do not be put off or discouraged.

If it has been a while since you last exercised, you will need to get over the hump, over that hill. Make sure you listen to your body as it will give the signs and indications of it limits. You will be sore, and that is a good thing. If you are in pain that is not. As you get used to daily or regular exercise the sore feeling will shrink. This initial period can be as short as a few weeks.

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