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Making the time for daily Fitness and exercise

Daily fitness and exercise is fundamental to a persons to health. People will make time and find the rime for things that are important to them. So ask yourself: What are the things you make time for in your life? In general people will find the time for things that are fun and that they enjoy. Unfortunately getting fit through daily exercise falls at the bottom of the list. Yet medical studies show that the lack of physical fitness is now becoming the highest source of disability obesity and coronary and heart diseases in the modern world. So below we try to give suggestions on how to put the fun back into fitness and daily exercise. Remember you need a minimum of 2 hours of exercise a week in at least 3 to 4 sessions of 45 to 30 minutes each.
Daily recommended exercise

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Advice on getting regular daily exercise
If you can fin time to get a drink after work or you make the efforts not to miss you favourite television programs, then why do you not plan for your daily physical fitness activities? Try some of these tips to make exercising an easier priority:
 Find a friend or buddy to exercise with of a similar fitness level than you.
 Moving or dancing is great exercise so find the time to move to some music.
 Play with your kids, go to the park. You can teach them the values of daily fitness and exercise, get them active and get your dose of exercise in as well.
 Find a nice surrounding, a park, nature to exercise.
 Have comfortable sport clothing, it will make exercising more comfortable.
 Variety is key to ward of boredom, change your exercise routines the part of the body you exercise.
There are 5 key components of physical fitness. The most important at any age is Endurance and especially cardiac endurance. The fundamental principals of cardiac endurance is to increase your metabolic rate to the appropriate level in order to build heart and muscle resistance.
So boost your energy levels by simplifying your diet and going for a better balanced nutrition, increase your daily fruits and vegetables to get your 5 a day. lose a bit of weight by getting on the right diet and supplements your nutrition with the right vitamins and minerals in your diet.
Try new activities that will develop your social circle as well. Yoga for example is low impact and has tremendous health benefits. Yoga is excellent at developing the other components of physical fitness. It will improve you flexibility and muscle strength, protecting your joints and toning your body.
Your fitness and exercise priorities
Just remember that daily fitness is an essential part of positive aging and daily health. there is much scientific evidence and medical research that clearly proves that daily exercise and physical fitness is important to a balance life style:
 Physical inactivity significantly increases the risk of coronary heart disease.
 Fat and weight gain is a matter of balancing calorie intake and calorie burn. The absence of physical activity and daily exercises means that those calories will be stored as fat.
 Muscles mass  is the furnace to burning fat. The greater the muscle mass the more calories you burn even while resting.
 Physical activity and daily exercise has a very positive mental effect. It has been shown to increase mood, develop a positive attitude as well as increase sex drive.
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