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Effects of steroids and other muscles enhancing drugs

Defining steroids              Types of steroids              Are they legal?              Effects of steroids              Alternatives
Defining Steroids
The term ‘steroid’ must have become famous among millions of people, these days. However, there are only a few, who know the exact meaning and definition of this term. A steroid can be defined as a terpenoid lipid. This terpenoid lipid is usually characterized by a carbon skeleton that consists of four fused rings. Since, all steroids are terpenoids, they are originated from cholesterol that can be obtained from extra cellular sources, in the form of cholesterol estero.
There are different types of steroids and most of them vary, in terms of functional groups that are attached to the fused rings. They also vary in their base structure as they are cyclophenanthrene nucleus.
Scientists have discovered around hundreds of steroids in animals, plants and fungi. Talking about anabolic steroids, these are produced artificially. Testosterones are produced in both male and female body and these are named as mentioned below:
You would find around more than hundred types of steroids. These steroids are developed artificially and each of them would require a prescription, in order to be used legally in America.

Most of the anabolic steroids can be consumed orally, rubbed on to the skin or injected in to the body. These steroids are consumed in a cycling pattern and usually involve the intake of multiple steroids doses for a stipulated period of time, resuming for a particular period and starting again.
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Types of steroids
Steroids can be categorized in to many different classes. The most common categories of steroids are as mentioned below:
 Anabolic Steroids: These are a particular class of steroids that mixes with androgen receptors, in order to enhance the synthesis of muscle and bone. Both natural and artificial anabolic steroids are found and most of these steroids are used by athletes with an aim to enhance performance.
 Corticosteroids: The steroids are further classified in to two different types of steroids and these are glucocorticoid and mineralorticoids

Glucocorticoids work towards the regulation of metabolic and immunizing function. Most physicians prescribe these drugs to facilitate reduction of inflammation due to arthritis and asthma. Mineralorticoids facilitate the maintenance of blood volume regulates renal excretion of electrolytes.

  Sex steroids:These types of steroids can be referred to as a subset to sex hormones. These hormones help in reproduction or developing sex differences. Sex steroids include progestagen, androgens and estrogens.
 Phytosterols: Phytosterols are the steroids that occur in plants, naturally.
 Ergosterols: These steroids can be found in fungi and also consist of some of the vitamin D supplements.
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Are steroids legal?
Steroids are considered to be great for building muscles and increasing performance for athletes. However, these steroids may also put you in to trouble. It is very necessary to be aware of steroid laws. Most people believe that steroids are fatal and have many side effects on the body.

However, one must be aware of the actual facts about steroids prior to believing anything that is passed on to him or her. The intake of steroids is considered to be drug abuse when taken by adults in order to build muscles and fat loss.
In fact, media has played an important role in labelling these drugs as deadly drugs and categorizing steroid users in to the group of cocaine or heroin users.

Before the era of late 1980s, using steroids for building muscles and fat loss was considered safe. However, with Ben Johnson’s intake of these drugs coming in to limelight during the 1988 Olympics and the reclassification of anabolic steroids in the year 1990, these drugs were defamed to a great extent. As per the anabolic steroid control Act of 1990, the possession of steroids for purposes other than medical, is a criminal offence.
This act categorized these drugs in to the class of street drugs such as barbiturates, heroin and cocaine. Anyone seen possessing steroids would be arrested and prosecuted immediately. Any person possessing these drugs from muscle building or fat loss would be considered illegal. A legal prescription for these drugs by a medical practitioner is very essential.

Distribution of these drugs would result in to the punishment of five years of imprisonment and/or a fine of $250,000.
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Effects of steroids on the body and health
Steroids can affect a human body, in many ways. Most often youngsters use steroids in order to pump up their muscles and some even use anabolic steroids for the same. This is actually an artificial version of testosterone, a male hormone. Anabolic steroids have several dangerous side effects on the body. Here is a description of certain common and dangerous side effects of steroids on the human body.
Physical side effects of steroids:
 Nose bleeding
 Reduced joint flexibility
 Stomach ache
 Body becoming more vulnerable to diseases
 Retardation of immune system
 Increase in blood pressure
 High cholesterol level
 Increased risk of heart disease
 Severe facial and body acne
 Liver damage
 Kidney damage
 Breast enlargement in men
 Shrinkage in testicles in men
 Lowered sperm count
 Increase in sex drive
 Reduced sexual performance
 Infertility in women
 Male pattern balding in women
 Clitoris enlargement in women
 Deepening of voice in women
 Abnormal or absent menstrual period
 Excess growth of facial and body hair
 Teenagers may suffer from stunted growth and severe acne
Psychological side effects:
 Severe mood swings
 Anger and violent out bursts
 Body image obsession
It is extremely important to know that the side effects of steroids can be extremely dangerous and permanent. Since, these steroids one not legal, one needs to purchase them from the black market and the supply is not hygienic. You would be shocked to know that vials and needles are usually shared.

Steroids are dangerous because one needs to face all the above-mentioned side-effects when using steroids. These side effects are so severe that they can retard a person’s general well-being, completely and result in to severe depression.
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Alternatives to steroids:
Since, steroids have been proved to be harmful for the human body, due to the dangerous side effects they have, one must look out for safe alternatives for these steroids, in order to achieve desired results.
You can find several body building supplements in the marketplace, available as an alternative to steroids. Most of these alternatives are safe and they have a positive effect on the health, in conjunction with offering you the muscle mass, you desire. Most of the professionals believe in bodybuilding supplements as an alternative to harmful and deadly steroids.

The first and most important thing to remember is that a typical potato couch does not actually require extra nutrition, since the body, is not in regular motion. However, for athletes, sports professionals and body builders must indulge in added nutritional support, in order to receive maximum gains and enhance their performance.
The bodybuilding supplements, available, these days, if taken with a healthy diet, would result in the enhancement of performance and also build up muscles. These bodybuilding supplements promise the gain in a very short span of time.

Most of the nutritional supplements available in the market usually facilitate in gaining lean muscle mass and burn fat. These are extremely safe and do not have any kind of side effects on the body.

You can choose from some of the alternatives available in the marketplace, in order to build muscles and burn fat. Here is a list of some of the most popular and best body building supplements available to the athletes and sports professionals for use.
 Nitric Oxide- (NO)
 ZMA- (Zinc/Magnesium aspartate)
 Whey protein
 Amino Acids
 Mineral supplements
 Creatine Monohydrate
 Meal Replacement Shakes

Most people work hard towards achieving the kind of body they desire. You need to work really hard and eat a healthy diet, in order to achieve desired results. Try including body building supplements so that you are able to achieve maximum benefits. These supplements are safe alternatives to deadly anabolic steroids. Never ever indulge in these types of steroids to build muscle. These steroids may offer you good results in the beginning, but you would end up suffering from severe and dangerous side effects, in the long run.

Steroids are harmful to your health and you must recognize the serious health hazards, anabolic steroids have on your body.

These side effects are not only restricted to your body but also make you feel depressed and suffer from severe mood swings, thereby making your life, miserable.

Apart from several hazardous effects these steroids have on your body, the possession and consumption of these drugs would also result in legal issues. You can land up in jail or would be liable to pay up a heavy fine, in case you are found possessing these drugs without a prescription from a medical practitioner.

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