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Abs and love handle routines and workouts

Starting workout for abs
Abdominal muscles, or the abs lie between the ribs and the pelvis. these muscles also include oblique. The workout routines  below target these muscle groups as well as those love handles and will help you lose weight burn the fat and get the six-pack washboard abs you want.
The abs workout program includes some of the best exercises that require 8 minutes a day and you can do the workout at home.
The abdominal exercises also incorporate in the routines exercises that target core strength the stomach and the lats or lattisimus dorsi. The lat is a huge muscle covering most of the back and shoulders and supporting the ribs and the vertebral column.
Workout routines for abs, lats, oblique's and love handles
The waist area and abs can be toned and shaped into six pack abs easily from home. In many cases, exercising without mechanical fitness equipment is the best thing for the body. Here are some useful routines to tone the abs, lats and get rid of love handles.
• Hollowing and Flaring using light weights
Hollowing involves contracting the abs tightly, so as to create a hollow look in that area. Flaring is the exact opposite. The abs, here, are expanded to the full extent, making the waistline look bigger and wider. This strengthens both upper and lower  abdominal muscles. Advanced – Four sets of 5-10 times
• Basic crunch lower abs workout
Lie on the floor, with the feet placed a little apart. Place your palms lightly on the back of the head, exhale and lift the upper portion of the body off the floor as far as it will go. Hold for a second or two and then inhale while coming back to reclining position.
Beginners – One set of 5-10 times
Medium – Two sets 5-10 times
Advanced – Four sets of 5-10 times
• Twist crunch side abs and love handle killer
It is the same technique as the basic ab crunch. In the Twist crunch ab routine, the torso is twisted to one side while coming back to reclining position. This strengthens the oblique muscles and burns fat in the love handle area. Then the same thing is repeated and the body is twisted to the other side for the next series of crunch reps.
Beginners – One set of 5-10 times
Medium – Two sets 5-10 times
Advanced – Four sets of 5-10 times
• Anchoring upper perfect upper abdominal workout
Ideal for abs workout at home. Lie down on your back, with one foot touching the floor. The other leg is raised fully, so that the thigh is at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Then bend the knee and straighten the heel, while raising the hands above the chest and interlacing the fingers. Then slowly come back to starting position, while keeping the abs contracted.
Beginners – One set of 5-10 times
Medium – Two sets 5-10 times
Advanced – Four sets of 5-10 times
• Leg raises targeting lower abs
Lie flat on the ground and lift one leg to about a foot high or so. Then slowly try to raise it a little further by contracting the abs. This can be done with one leg at a time or even both the legs together. Care has to be taken to see to it that this is done really slowly, giving minimum strain to the back.
Beginners – One set of 5-10 times
Medium – Two sets 5-10 times
Advanced – Four sets of 5-10 times
• Aerobics for thinner waist and reduced love handles
Aerobics can be done 3-4 times a week. The workout should last anywhere between 20-40 minutes. More than that will tire the body out and cause a strain. Aerobics requires a significant amount of lower torso and abdominal muscle strength. Abs and oblique's are continuously under stress to maintain body position and balance. A good aerobic session is worth 100s of crunch's.
• The Swiss ball oblique and abs workout
The Swiss ball, also called exercise ball, pilates ball or yoga ball, is excellent for workout of the central core of the body, waist area lower and upper abs. As the body has to fight to gain balance against the unsteady ball the centre of gravity moves. Balance is gained using the core muscles, abs lats and lower abs to regain balance. Care has to be taken to not overwork the abdominal muscles or lats. If you should feel some strain, stop immediately and resume later.
• Rowing
Rowing is a great exercise to keep the upper body in shape. Using a rowing machine for 20-30 minutes, 3-4 times a week, strengthens the back and spine. This is a secondary workout for the lower abs and lats. If done effectively this will be a good cardio exercises that will finish up toning the lower abs as well, as long as the rowing and extension movements are fully done as oppose to partial rows.
• Side bending complimentary abs and love handle workout
There’s a general impression that side bending exercises help to get rid of love handles and give you the 6 in six pack. Side bending, with or without additional weights is an average exercise with medium muscle toning abilities. Only the general toning of the abs will reduce love handles. Side bending merely works in conjunction with all other exercises – it cannot do away with excess fat in the side abdominal area by itself.
Warning & precautions for ab workouts
It is important to note that any intense exercise has to be undertaken under the supervision of a professional instructor. While exercises help in toning the body, they can also cause major harm if not done properly.

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Slow-speed Exercises – It should be noted that the exercises should be done as slowly as possible. Doing this prevents a strain on the back or spine and also helps strengthen the abs more.
Gradual build-up – If you are relatively new to exercise, go easy with it. Start from just a few reps, say, 5-10 times. Build up the intensity of the exercise very gradually. Do maybe 5 more times the next day and so on.
Dangers of Sit-ups - Sit-ups are done by keeping the feet firmly on the ground while the torso is lifted from a sleeping position. This can cause immense strain to the back muscles and the spine. This is best avoided if you already have a bad back.
Rest between sets – It is important to stop and take a couple of deep breaths between sets. This will prevent the system from getting strained.
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