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Weight loss and diet Pill information facts health risks and warnings

Types of diet pills | Risks & warnings | Hunger suppression pills | Carb blockers | Increased metabolism | Diuretic pills

Pills by name:  Hoodia | Metabolic diet Pills | Carb block | Danger and ban of Phentermine  & Ephedra

Weight loss diet pills facts and overview
Risks and warnings of using diet pills, carb blockers, metabolic acceleration pills and other diet pills.

In recent years there has been a volley of  new drugs and diet pills, some over the counter other by prescription. The first warning is clear: Never buy prescription drugs and weight loss pills that are prescription strength without a prescription and without your doctors approval. Compounds such as Ephedrine and many others have been taken off the counters due to very serious health risks, including severe heart attacks, nutrient depletion, vomiting, stroke, heart failure, dizziness and many more. Always get medical advice before taking diet pills. Especially prescription pills for obesity.

There are natural alternatives, some that have different effects, see below, but all of them have a significant impact on the body. So look for reviews, products that explain the content of the pill, how it works, always avoid pills that advertise High dosages such a 2000mg this and 4000mg that, always. Get 100% pure compounds otherwise they probably are cutting the natural elements with other chemicals such as magnesium.

 Avoid multi-nutrient weight loss pills because you do not know how the cocktail of ingredients will react in our body, high doses of Vitamins, minerals combined with natural hunger suppressants can be physically hard to handle and you can have serious adverse reactions metabolic rate. Almost none of these diet pills are approved by the FDA (Food & drug administration) nor are they clinically proven.

Finally, though these pills are not necessarily chemically addictive, they can become psychologically addictive especially in cases of obesity. Most people will use them as a standalone solution to losing weight . This is very poor judgement. At best certain of the simpler natural pills that use natural plant extract and ingredients like green tea, should always use them as part of a nutritional and fitness diet plan, as part of healthy nutritional changes in their nutrition lifestyles. Weight loss pills are not a standalone solution and you will put the weight back on as soon as you stop taking them.

Effects of diet pills

Hunger suppression diet weight loss pill

As much as changing your diet and introducing or changing your fitness habits is pretty much the only healthy way to weight loss, one of the added help that one can receive is hunger suppression support. In order to better follow a diet, you generally need to make portion changes. If you were used to big portions, then a form of hunger suppression can be carefully used, but make sure it is from simple small dosage natural products. Some of the natural ingredients used are, Hoodia, certain pine tree seed, dairy enzymes or vitamins.

Carb blocking diet pill

Carb blocking weight loss pills do just that, by interfering with the natural process of breaking down starches or carbs into simple sugars and then storing them into the body as fat. This process is done  through an enzyme called alpha-amylase and is produced in the pancreas. The weight loss pile prevents or slows the creating of this enzyme and thus reducing the intake broken down simple sugars and thus limiting the amounts stored in the body.

Fat burning advice on supplements from professionals

Only Exercise Causes Weight Loss - More bloopers are a click away
Increase metabolism body rate diet pill

Why do smokers increase their weight so dramatically? Because the effects of smoking is a higher general metabolic rate. When they stop smoking the energy requirements drop, yet they body still claims for the same amount of energy, this excess becomes fat, fast. metabolic weight loss pills do or have the same effect. Granted many will say they are natural products, green tea, vitamins, orange extract, ginseng, the cocktails are often very potent, dosages are often  high. The effect of getting off the metabolic weight loss pills will be the same as the smokers example, you will put the weight on again.

The only reason why you would consider these weight loss pills would be in small dosages as part of an overall diet and fitness plan to get levels of energy up for better motivation. But you need to take these pills for a limited amount of time, and stop them before the end of the diet and fitness cycle or weight goal and ideal weight are achieved.

Lipotropic ingredients in diet pill

These ingredients, often claimed to be from natural sources have a  key roll in the elimination process of fat. The Lipotropic factors
help to regulate fat metabolism and increase bile flow. Because bile carries stored fat-soluble toxins away from the liver to be excreted
in the stools, this is an important role in weight loss pills. Cholime and Methionine are some of these natural products, but have to be in
small doses. You could eat a few artichokes in a properly balance diets and get pretty much the same effects. The danger is always 
in the dosage and the number of chemicals and ingredients in that cocktail that is call a diet pill.

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Diuretic diet pill

What diuretics do? They increase, sometimes dramatically, the expulsion of water and slat /potassium in the body.
Diet pills often use diuretic ingredients, many of which are found naturally in the weight loss pill compounds and ingredients.
The three common types of diuretics are :

  1. Thiazide diuretics reduce the amount of sodium and water in the body. Thiazides are the only type of diuretic that dilates
    (widens) the blood vessels.

  2. Potassium-sparing diuretics are used to reduce the amount of water in the body. Unlike the other diuretic medicines,
    these medicines do not cause your body to lose potassium.

  3. Loop-acting diuretics cause the kidneys to increase the flow of urine. This helps reduce the amount of water in your body.

As an ingredient in a diet pill you can already start seeing the danger of this ingredient. Often you do not know what type of diuretic
is used and reducing slats, potassium and water in your body, especially during diets and fitness programs is a bad thing to have.
All the more. Diuretics can have effects on the kidneys, is bad during pregnancy, and can interact negatively with other medication.
Go natural and avoid these in the frame of a diet or fitness program, you should always consult your doctor before taking them as
they have many effects and interactions.

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Hoodia : Hoodia Gordonii

What ingredients? Pure Hoodia Gordonii
What it does?
Hoodia 750 contains authentic South African Hoodia Gordonii that will give you a powerful pill that suppresses your appetite
for an extended duration.
Metabolic pills : Metabo Speed

What ingredients? Bitter Orange, Green tea, Ginseng, Garcinia cambogia
What it does? Diet pill blending ingredients clinically designed to reduce weight by boosting the metabolism, while at the same time reducing hunger. The increased metabolic rate will burn energy more rapidly but without the cravings for food that usually accompany energy consumption. It is recommended to get advice from your physician. 

Carb Blocker: Carbodelete

What ingredients? Biotin, Banana extract, Fenugreek
What it does?
Lower carbs fast and effectively with the powerful carb blocker, Carbo Delete. Carbo Delete is a specially formulated diet
pill that will block carbohydrates from building up and at the same time lower cholesterol while losing weight and fighting obesity. Carbo
Delete lowers the rate in which the body will absorb carbohydrates and this will limit the potential of fat accumulating due to inactivity in
cases of obesity. It is recommended to get advice from your physician.

Ephedra : Phentermine  & Ephedrine

What is it? Ephedra is a naturally occurring substance that comes from botanicals. The principal active ingredient ephedrine is an
amphetamine-like compound that can powerfully stimulate the nervous system and heart. Ephedrine alkaloids are found naturally in a
number of plants, including the ephedra species (also known by the traditional Chinese medicine name--ma huang or Chinese Ephedra,
or epitonin). In recent years, ephedra products have been marketed as dietary supplements to promote weight loss, increase energy,
and enhance athletic performance.
Dangerous and banned!
There is strong evidence that ephedra is associated with an increased risk of side effects, possibly even fatal
ones. There is no evidence that ephedra products enhance athletic performance. There is little evidence of any benefit except for
short-term weight loss. Taken together, the FDA recommends that consumers immediately stop using dietary supplements containing
ephedra or ephedrine alkaloids.  It is recommended to get advice from your physician.

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